Top 5 Adventure Activities on Maui

Maui whale watching
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Love adventure? Love tropical island locations? Then you’ll have to try at least 3 out of the top 5 awesome adventure activities to do when in Maui listed below!


Top 5 Adventure Activities on Maui

There’s lots of outdoor activities to partake in when vacationing in Maui, making this Hawaiian island a top choice for those who love adventure. While listening to the sound of the waves gently coming on to the shore while relaxing on the beach, enjoying the feel of the warm sand between your toes, and drinking an exotic Hawaiian cocktail may sound tempting, finding the best adventure activities is what you’re going to remember most when vacationing in Maui.


  1. Segway Tour. Imagine cruising around Maui’s gorgeous landscape on your own segway.  The whole family will enjoy this amazing adventure tour.
    Maui segway tour
  1. Waterfalls and Rainforest Hike. Any adventure lover is surely going to enjoy going for a hike through the beautiful and lush rain forests of Maui. Maui is full of diverse terrain and easily offers some of the best hiking opportunities in all the world. Of course there will be many waterfalls to enjoy along the way, of which some allow you to jump off and land in a nice refreshing pool.
    road to Hana waterfall tour


  1. Boat Ride or Sailing A boat ride in Maui is the perfect adventure activity for the whole family. Not only do you get to have an expert boat captain give you a personal tour of the Maui coastline so you can learn about Maui wildlife and more, you’ll also get to enjoy the adrenaline rush that only a boat ride can give. This popular adventure activity is an educational activity, as well. Whale watching and sunset sails are very popular.
    Maui sunset sail  whale watching from Maui


  1. Parasailing. Parasailing is a top adventure activity in Maui and can be done solo or with others. Imagine parasailing high up in the air with a couple of your friends enjoying and talking about all the gorgeous views, nice! And you don’t need any previous experience to parasail in Maui – all you have to do is enjoy the stunning views Maui has to offer when deciding to partake in this fun adventure activity.


  1. Snorkeling. Snorkeling is a favorite adventure activity in Maui as there is an abundant amount of marine life as well as many coral reefs to explore. While sea turtles are a common sight that many snorkelers look forward to seeing when partaking in snorkeling adventures in Maui, also seeing dolphins, sharks, whales, octopus, jelly fish and more is a real possibility!
    maui snorkeling molokini    west maui snorkeling trip



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