3 Unique Luxury Hotels in St Lucia

jade mountain infinity pool st lucia

Located in the Caribbean Islands, St Lucia is the perfect vacation destination if your goal is a tropical island getaway. Whether you’re looking for some fun island adventure, a private romantic escape where you won’t be bothered, or a truly relaxing retreat so you can catch up on your rest, taking a trip to St. Lucia is a definite must. As soon as you decide to book your next trip to St. Lucia, you’re going to need to go ahead and choose one of the best St. Lucia luxury resorts to stay in.

Because it can be difficult to choose the best luxury hotel in St. Lucia as there are many to choose from, we decided to list the top three best luxury hotels in St. Lucia below so you can choose and compare which luxury hotel resort best meets your particular wants and needs. Our links below are to our partner vendor site.

3 Unique Luxury Hotels

So where are the best places to stay in St. Lucia? These three unique luxury hotels are highly recommended as they are able to offer all of their guests the truly unique and luxurious resort experience they both deserve and expect when taking a luxury vacation.

  1. Jade Mountain Resort. The Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is a sophisticated luxury resort that offers guests the most gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea. In fact, guests can expect no obstructions when it comes to their view as no fourth wall exists, offering the unobstructed views of nature that create memories that last a lifetime. Spacious rooms offer separate living room and bedroom areas, and a private infinity pool is more than inviting. Exquisite spas, leisure activities, fabulous local cuisine and private beach access all make for the most luxurious experience when choosing to stay at the Jade Mountain Resort.
  1. Ladera St. Lucia. The Ladera is a gorgeous adults-only luxury resort that won many awards, including one for Best Luxury Hotel with Private Plunge Pool. Built right into the mountainside, this unique luxury hotel offers the perfect view of the St Lucia Pitons, with the gorgeous blue Caribbean Sea in the background, never seeming to end. The view is completely unobstructed because there’s no fourth wall, just open space, supporting the open-air atmosphere that promotes the Ladera Hotel Resorts chic natural style.
  1. Sugar Beach. Sugar Beach offers guests the luxurious accommodations they’re looking for when deciding to vacation in the Caribbean Islands. Set on the West Coast of St. Lucia, this unique luxury hotel offers guests extravagant accommodations, and right on the beach. Guests can choose between luxury villas, luxury suites and luxury bungalows, of which all offer the most gorgeous beach views. While the atmosphere is one that fully supports a relaxing vacation, there are also plenty of island activities for guests to partake in if they wish. Trying the local cuisine is a must when vacationing at the Sugar Beach luxury resort.

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