Trick to Save Money on Airline Tickets

trick to save money on airline tickets

I understand that some of you like to book your own travel arrangements. You feel secure in your own abilities and think you can handle any unfortunate flight cancellations, etc. on your own.  But, you never know…

trick to save money on airline tickets

Trick to Save Money on Airline Tickets:

However, did you know that even if you own a timeshare or are staying at your extended family’s home while on vacation, I might be able to save you money on your airline tickets?  That’s right!  In order to get bulk airfare rates, as long as I book a rental car along with your airline tickets, I can often beat airfare prices.

The airlines save a certain amount of tickets for each flight for use by tour operators.  When travel agents book these tickets with a car rental, they often beat the regular priced airfares out there. Most people think you must book the full package – meaning airfare, hotel and car rental, but as long as you book the hotel or a car rental, you can get the bulk airfare discounts.

Just food for thought next time you’re wondering if your airline tickets are really that great of a deal.  Please give me a call to compare.

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