My Trip To The Atlantis Resort

A year ago this week, my husband and I visited the Atlantis Resort as part of a free trip we won through my husband’s work. ¬†I know what you’re thinking – WHAT LUCK! And I agree! ūüôā
atlantis resort bahamas

 Our arrival at Atlantis

Atlantis has been on my list of dream destinations for years and when I saw a contestant on “The Amazing Race” refuse to go down the steep water-slide, I knew I could do it. And I did!

We spent 5 days enjoying this amazing resort and island.

We started off in a regular room, but soon noticed the smell of cigarettes in our non-smoking room. ¬†Someone ¬†had smoked in the room and with my allergies that was a serious problem. ¬†The staff was wonderful and switched us to another room. ¬†The next room was slightly larger. ¬†Overall the rooms were nothing to shout about. They were decent, but not luxurious like I had imaged in my mind. But we didn’t spend much time in the room, so it was fine. There is a suite in the bridge {see the the picture ¬†above}, that has hosted ¬†celebrities such as Oprah and Michael Jackson.

atlantis marina

The view of the marina from our room.

Each day we spent each day doing different sightseeing activities.  Then we would come back to the resort and spend the entire afternoon going through the not so lazy river, water-sliding and swimming.

atlantis resort waterslide

The lazy river was by far our favorite thing at the resort.  It has rapids, water-slides and water roller coasters all within the lazy river.  {photo via}. Many  Bahamas cruises offer Atlantis as an excursion and I recommend you spend the day at the water park.

We also enjoyed the aquarium, but didn’t have time to do the Dolphin Encounter {next time, yep I’m going back someday.} We didn’t eat at the restaurants as most of our meals were paid for as group meals. ¬†On the one night we had dinner on our own, we ventured to downtown Nassau to a local restaurant for dinner. However some of our friends ate dinner at the resort and said it was¬†very expensive.

The resort also has spa services, a casino, and a shopping mall. It’s also next to a Marina where it’s fun to take a walk and drool over the expensive yachts docked there.

Here’s What We Did Outside the Resort

Our first morning we toured the island on a guided bus tour. I loved hearing about the history of the island. We stopped downtown and shopped at the straw market, bought t-shirts at the Hard Rock Cafe and ate lunch.


 I love all the pastel buildings and houses.

Another morning was spent zooming off in a speed boat to a private island.   I thought I had died and gone to heaven as the crystal clear, blue waters are beyond description.private bahamas beach

Our speed  boat and private beach.beautiful bahamas beach

Our Private Beach. Р My husband loved being pampered with food and drinks from our Cabana boy while I enjoyed the snorkeling.

One day we took a boat out to a snorkeling site and went on an underwater scooter ride. ¬†It was a unique experience, but if you’re a fan of scuba, it may be too slow for you. ¬†If you don’t have your scuba certification, then it’s a fun introduction.

bahamas sub 007

 Underwater Scooter  Ride

bahamas beach party

Evening Beach Party for our group dinner followed by fireworks on the beach. Amazing!

My husband I laughed hard every day and wish our kids could have experienced it, as they would love it! ¬†The beach at Atlantis is beautiful. There’s also lots of vendors that walk along the beach trying to sell you clothes, rum or anything else they can. ¬† These vendors aren’t allowed on the Atlantis property, so you don’t have to deal with them if you prefer to lounge around the salt water lagoon just inside the Atlantis property.

Overall, I recommend Atlantis to anyone that loves beach resorts. I felt completely safe. It’s expensive, but may be worth it for a once in a lifetime vacation.

Give me a call to find any special offers or deals for the Atlantis Resort.

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